Which Places To Visit In Dhaka in 2023?

Which Places To Visit In Dhaka in 2023?

You’ve decided to take a city tour of Dhaka and are curious about the greatest sites to visit in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a stunningly gorgeous South Asian country bordered by India and, to a lesser extent, Myanmar. This unspoilt country was unable to upgrade its infrastructure and services in order to attract large numbers of tourists from around the world.

As a result, people everywhere embrace immigrants and want to assist them in any way they can. And this is our strength, and as a local tour operator, we are really proud to take and exhibit our people all across Bangladesh.

Here is a list of the top sites to visit in Dhaka. something you should not overlook.

1. Parliament building: A must-visit tourist attraction in Dhaka for the passionate architect

National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh -
National Parliament Building, Dhaka, Bangladesh – Photo Source: flicker

This National Parliament Building was primarily sent by Pakistanis after they separated from the Indian Subcontinent, and Bangladesh used to be a part of Pakistan (East Pakistan). This one of the world’s best structures, designed by American planner and Yale University Professor Louis I. Kahn, was supposed to serve as the second seat of the national parliament.

Though work on this masterpiece began in 1964, the Bangladeshi War of Independence caused a delay, and this architectural wonder was completed in 1982. For all architecture enthusiasts, this is a must-see in Dhaka.

2. Armenian Church: One of the popular tourist attractions in Dhaka

During the 17th century, an Armenian community began to settle in Armanitola, and the church was called after the community as the Armenian Church, which was their only spiritual home at the time. Take a look at our This church has been the only source of life in this nearly dead community.

It has been a desert spring of serenity in this hectic city, leaving you with no choice but to visit this hallowed location.

3. Lalbag fort: Key tourist attraction in the old Dhaka

Take a look at our Lalbagh Fort is a historic fort from the Mughal era of the seventeenth century that is a popular tourist destination in Dhaka. Begun by Prince Mohammed Azam and given to the then legislative leader of Dhaka Shaista Khan for completion, she was unable to complete it owing to the death of her small baby Pari Bibi, whose burial is located within the fortress.

Inside, there’s a small exhibition with Mughal-era artwork and calligraphy, as well as swords and weaponry from the time.

4. Ahsan manzil: Key tourist attractions in Dhaka near the Sadharghat boat terminal.

Nawab Abdul Gani, the city’s wealthiest owner, constructed this. Check out our Ahsan Manzil, which used to be the nawabs’ primary residence, and their sitting. It was built in 1872 on the site of an old French factory.

Due to the natural climate, a few pieces of this area were damaged by a storm after 16 years of completion; however, it was re-built and substantial improvements were made that enlarged the vision of it, which tourists should not miss.

5. Check out our Check out our Dhakeshwari Temple: One of the key tourist spot in Dhaka

Dhakeshwari Temple, Old Dhaka
Dhakeshwari Temple, Old Dhaka – Photo Source: flickr

Mangat Ray, also known as Ballalasena, was the more enthusiastic kin of Arakanese lord Shri Sudharma, son of well-known Arakanese sovereign Raja Malhana, also known as Husen Shah, who established a 1,200-year-old Hindu shrine. In Dhaka, this is the epicenter of the Hindu religion.

6. Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque: One of the tourist places to visit in Dhaka

Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque, Old Dhaka
Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque, Old Dhaka – Photo Source: flicker

Khan Mohammed Mridha’s Mosque was built in 1706 and is more likely to Lalbag Fort in a vibrant construction with a trip of 25 stages based on a raised region. The three squat mosques, the perfectly pinpointed minarets at each corner, and the rectangular-shaped rooftop put on a wonderful show for the tourists.

7. Star Mosque: Key tourist attractions in Dhaka in the heart of old Dhaka.

Star Mosque, Old Dhaka
Star Mosque, Old Dhaka – Photo Source: flicker

The Mughal emperor erected this mosque in the mid-eighteenth century, giving it the flavor of their own style, and it eventually became one of Dhaka’s most frequented tourist attractions. Though it was later altered and changed, the sense of Mughal is still visible in the corner towers, which are fully decked with mosaic stars and the name glittering in front of it.

8. Sadarghat river port: Must visit tourist attractions in Dhaka for the passionate photographer

Sadarghat River Port
Sadarghat River Port, Buriganga, Old Dhaka – Photo Source: Abu Sayed

This stream port. You’ll get a genuine real taste of Dhaka when you will visit Sadarghat. A dynamic spot, full of chaos that moves around 30,000 travelers on a daily basis which makes it one of the largest river ports in the world and it is situated in the center point of the southern side of the nation. Visiting this Sadarghat River Port is an absolute necessity for the tourists and photographers to capture the real beauty of this anarchy. 

9. Kawran bazar: Must Visit tourist attractions in Dhaka for the photographer

Kawran Bazar, The biggest wholesale marketplace in Dhaka
Kawran Bazar, The biggest wholesale marketplace in Dhaka – Photo Source: flicker

The sole wholesale market in Dhaka, Kawran Bazar, is full of anarchy and a variety of activities, and it is also the best spot in the city for photographers. All types of trading that begin and end from 12 p.m. to 9.00 a.m. in the first part of the day, yet the presence of perpetual shops makes it an indisputable must to visit here.

10. Bait Ur Rouf mosque: Must visit tourist attractions in Dhaka for architecture

Bait Ur Rouf Mosque
Inside of Bait Ur Rouf Mosque – Photo Source: flicker

If you are interested in modern architecture, Bait Ur Rouf Mosque, an Aga Khan Award-winning for Architecture (2014-2016), is the place to visit. This magnificent mosque, created by engineer Marina Tabassum, is located far west of Dhaka. The absence of the components that serve as the representative of each mosque, such as a minaret or an arch, distinguishes it as distinct and more legate. During the day, the well-structured brick walls let in heavenly light from above because the bricks have holes that allow enough light into the interior, which is an improved version of the Sultanate mosque architectural design.

11. Liberation war museum: A must-visit museum in Dhaka.

Liberation War Museum
Liberation War Museum – Photo Source: flicker

This museum commemorates the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, which resulted in Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan, and is an interesting venue to visit. The nine-month-long conflict, in which the Pakistani army went on a slaughtering spree and Bangladesh won, is documented in historical pictorial evidence. While seeing Dhaka, the historical backdrop of the country that can be discovered in this museum is a must-see for anyone.

12. Dream World Amusement Park Dhaka

dream world amusement park dhaka main gate

Dream World Amusement Park is one of the latest Amusement Parks in Dhaka which has opened on June 2023. They have more than 17 Rides and a Water Park. They also have Indoor Kids Zone with a Food Court. If you are interested in having some fun with your friends and family. You can visit them.

Their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dreamworldparkdhaka

Address: 381 Jhauchor, Hazaribagh, Dhaka-1211.

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